Hubby in Pink

Who says men cannot wear pink? Pink is now branded as the new black. It’s fashionable so wearing pink is definitely not crossing the gender-line.

Meet my husband in their new Monday uniform.

Yes, it’s pink and he looks good in it.

Few years back, pink was thought to be a color that was only for females. I do not like pink much but I do not mind a man wearing pink. In fact I find man in pink exuding in confidence yet sensitive. I am glad that men today do not mind wearing pink at all.

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By Rossel

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19 replies on “Hubby in Pink”

wow, pink! hehehhee…si hubby din may pink polo…naiilang syang suotin…lol! sensya po te at nahuli sa pila…glad to be here…thanks for dropping by my PF entry.

guys wearing pink looks neat…i like it! naimpluwensyahan ko si hubby to wear pink and now he likes it. anyway, visiting late from pink fridays and wishing you a great tuesday! -PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…

He looks great mukhang in na in talaga sa uniform sa offices, I also don’t like pink before. Kasi ang itim2 ko na nga magsusuot pa ako ng pink pero later on eh natanggap na rin na pwede rin pala..hehe

gusto ko talaga guys wearing pink colored shirt. ang cute kasi tingnan para sa akin and neat. congrats sa hubby mo for giving justice sa pink polo shirt. 🙂

minsan walang choice ang mga lalaki kundi magsuot ng pink polo dahil uniform.. hehehe.. hindi nila alam pink is in.. hehe

Sorry for the Late Visit. I was on vacation. Hope you can check out My Pink Friday

Uhmm sabi daw ang pink daw nuon is for males daw and then blue is for women, ewan ko ba bakit nag interchange na yan. 🙂

naalala ko tuloy si Carlo sa lovers in Paris sa pink na damit na to.. hahaha.. regards to hubby looks cool! was here mommy sel..

i’ve observed that almost all colors nowadays especially the yellow, pink, orange and red are worn by both men and women.

my husband and two sons are wearing pink shirts too hihi

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