I Am Back

I am back (again). We finally got our internet connection back after 2 weeks. Haaay, I missed blogging, blog hopping and joining the weekly memes. I can blog hop now and visit your posts guys.

I can’t live without internet. This is where I work, communicate with friends abroad and it is also my past time. So to meet my needs, I rented at net cafe these past days. It was hard living without internet. It was like we were back to stone age.

Everything is back to normal here in Eastern Luzon after typhoon Ondoy except of course for the prices of the goods especially vegetables which are now 5 times higher. And soon, the prices of rice will increase because typhoon Pepeng hit the Northern part of Luzon where rice fields and vegetables plantation are. The crops were badly damaged.

But then, there’s no use crying over spilled milk. What we need to do now is work hard and stand again. So here I am, blogging and blog hopping. To those who visited my sites regularly, thank you very much. I will visit your sites tomorrow.
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  1. yehey! welcome back te…sa wakas I heard from you….

    thanks for sharing about your experience…..I admire you for being practical….

  2. God bless you and your loved ones always Rossel ^__^

  3. i'm happy you're back now, sel! can't stand a day w/o the internet too..nakakaloka lalo na pag sanay na sanay ka nang kasama mo sya everyday. sana maging stable na connection mo.

  4. Welcome back Ms. Rossel, I like your optimism!

  5. Welcome back Rossel, I had missed you!

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