I am Lost

This seems the most difficult Girls Talk topic this month. Spirituality or religion is a sensitive topic. All of us have different views, opinions and beliefs when it comes to religion and spirituality and I respect that. No offense to the Catholics because I am a Catholic since birth and a believer. I was a  choir member, a Catechist and was very much active in church when I was in high school. This post is based on my experience and I am not generalizing the Catholic church.

Well, there are no doubts that my husband and I are true believers. We have the great belief of the Lord. But now we are lost, not spiritually but in church issues. I almost cannot remember the last time we go to church. Two years ago? Three years ago? I cannot remember exactly.

It started with the fund raising project in our parish. The car for the first prize is parked at the altar. My daughter was the first one to notice it. She asked why there is a car in front. I was shocked when I saw the car there on the altar. Yes the parish needs fund to support its projects but perhaps not right to put the car on the altar. Not to add the so many collections during mass. There is the first collection and the second collection that I do not know what for. I know that it is our obligation to give tithes but it should be put in place. So to sum it all, these incidents gave us doubts about our church. We are also particularly disgusted when priests are very much involved in political issues. Yes, they are also humans and entitled to their own opinions but sometimes they are going too far.

Am I spiritual? Yes, I am. I am a follower and a true believer. I may be lost when it comes to religion or church but I am not lost spiritually. I may not be obeying or following the religious traditions that I have gotten used to but I have this strong faith in GOD. HE is the center of our home and I put HIM on top of everything I do.

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By Rossel

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13 replies on “I am Lost”

Just hold on to your strong faith in God Bes. I am saddened by the incident that leads you and your family not to go to church anymore but I understand. It was very odd for that parish priest and the parish as well to allow that to happen.

What is important is that God is the center of your life. I hope and pray that you will find the way to enrich more and share your faith with a congregation or group or back with the Catholic church.

May God bless you always.

hi rossel, una salamat sa dalaw.pasensya na di kita nadadalaw malimit dito. ok lang naman ako, ayos lang buhay.

dito sa post mo, ganyan din ako. katoliko ako nun di pa nag aasawa, at madaming ganyan na church di lang catholic. ako naman nakakasimba pa kahit paano pero ito e nangyayari lang kung magdadala ako ng tithes ng asawa ko kasi dito sya nag tithes. nakakalito nga rin minsan kasi sa dami naman ng mga issue sa simbahan minsan tatamarin ka na mag tithes pero dahil kay misis ko yun, dinadala ko na rin. ewan ko ba, nakakalito talaga.

that's exactly what makes me "un"-religious, yung practices ng church. welcome to the club, i haven't seen the inside of a church in about a year na rin, so πŸ˜€

but i also don't believe that it's only inside the church where you can talk to God. kaya nga it's good to know that no matter our last known attendance sa church, we still believe that there is a God and love Him, and put Him above anything or anyone else. πŸ™‚

Thank you for visiting my entry! I'm glad that it "enlightened" you somehow, hee hee.

Your post is very honest, and i appreciate it πŸ™‚ Our traditions have made us forget that "church" is not an organization or a religion. The original, Biblical meaning of "church" simply refers to a group of people who love the Lord and come together in his name – so really, wherever we meet, be it just two people who love God, sipping coffee while being a blessing to each other (just by being there for each other), that could also be "church". πŸ™‚

Alam mo Mommy Rossel, ganyan din ang Catholic church sa Chicago, may second collection, eh what was the first collection for? We used to not go to church, kasi we cannot find the right one for us, but last May we did. It's a small church and very few people attend the gospel and good thing about small congregation, everybody is welcoming us so warmly and now I am an active member of that church. Our church is so poor but, we do charity like sell snow cone and ask donation outside our church to save money for kids activities, we don't ask people for second collection, kasi alam naman naming lahat na kaming mga member eh poor. we sell coke cans to make money, oh di ba? ang saya..

Thank you so much for your comment on my entry dearie <3 I also wonder what I will tell my children one day ( if I happen to have some) about God, life and simply everything. I like your reply to your daughter :) I also believe God created all living things, so I think that would be my reply to her too <3

And about your entry, you know I don't really think that not going to church regularly makes you a person who is less worthy of God's love so don't worry about that too much. Do go there when you feel like going and I know God won't be upset even if you don't πŸ™‚

Religions and churches cannot save. Only the personal relationship with Jesus Christ can save. We cannot put our eternity at the hands of other people however pious they may appear to be. Only a personal and deep understanding of the word of God can enable us to learn and discern the will of God for our lives. Attending church services are not sufficient for salvation if not coupled with a personal and intimate relationship with God. Constant prayers and a regular daily reading of the word of God as contained in the Holy Bible give us access to God's holy presence. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Mommy Rossel, the collection is for the Church to stay in power, money is power dear… i think it's not about being lost it's about reassesing now what this institution is up to… anyway. Mine is up too at Woman’s elan vital

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