I Love Bracelets and Footwear

I love bracelets. It is the only thing I am eyeing on accessories section. Oh no, not the gold with precious stones, but the beaded ones. I love beads and I even tried to make my own beaded bracelets but I am not very good with it so I just buy whenever I see one that I like. I do not have tons of it but I have enough to match my tops.

At the apparel section? Hmmm…The last time I bought apparel was last month, a top and jeans. I do not buy clothes often though. I feel like it is “sayang” because I do not go out much so those tops that I bought years back still look new.

I have this fondness for footwear. I think all women are. Yes, you can see me mostly on shoes section fitting mules, slippers, etc. But I only buy those that I fell in love at first sight. And because it was our business, I have more than a few pairs that are mostly open-toes and sling-backs.

Care to share yours?

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  1. beaded accessories are a love! i wish i had a knack for making them, but i sucked when i tried. it looked like trash. hahaha!

  2. Try to harness your skils in making beaded jewelry sis. Ako nga eh, pero la enough time. Maybe someday, I will. Sorry for my late visit ha. Na-busy lang po talaga.

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  3. same goes! i prefer the beaded ones over the gold, lol!

  4. Dami ngang cute na beaded bracelet sa divisoria.

  5. Have you tried the ones with clay charms?
    They’re also soooo cute… I make my own accessories too. Ü

    Til next week!

  6. Gosh,wala akong talent sa paggawa ng beads although interested akong matuto kaya lang super mahal dito ang materials–mas mura pang bumili lol!
    Sexy sa yo ang open toes^_^

  7. yung mga bracelets ko kung hindi binili ng nanay ko, bigay ng mga pinsan ko 😀

  8. pengeng bracelet..hahaha..joke

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