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I Love Coffee

I am having a hot, creamy and frothy latte while blogging and listening to Bossa Nova. I feel like I am in a café with WiFi. I was pissed off with a neighbor who caused us trouble this morning because of the clogged drainage and seems like talking to her was not good enough to get through this irritation so I decided to just have a cup of coffee (my second cup actually for the day) while listening to good music. It is my way to pacify myself. There’s something about coffee that tames the infuriated me.


My love affair with coffee started when it captivated my heart when I was in high school. And though I have read that regular coffee drinkers have greater risk for a number of medical problems, nervous system most especially, it didn’t stop me from drinking it everyday. I have tried different varieties and flavors both hot and iced…I just love them all! Now I want to try what they call “diet coffee”. I am curious if it really works like other fat burners and tastes like the regular coffee. Diet pills have been incorporated to different food choices but having it on the coffee is the most interesting (or is it just me?) Wouldn’t it be nice to burn fats and lose weight while sipping your hot cup of coffee? I still need to do some research on its side effects though before taking a cup.

Some people see coffee as devil’s beverage for they don’t know that coffee is beneficial when taken in moderation. According to researchers, it could be beneficial to breast cancer, could cut skin cancer, fights gout symptoms, can reduce post-gym muscle pains and many more. Beneficial or not, nothing will change. I love coffee and I always will. For me, coffee is like a true friend that is always there to keep me sane and help me think straight when things fall apart.

Want to have a cup of coffee with me?

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By Rossel

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3 replies on “I Love Coffee”

I’m not a coffee drinker but I do get a cup if and when I really do need it, like staying up all night. I sometimes think though that it doesn’t work on me! 🙂

Your like my friends,they love coffee too. To tell you honestly i am not really fun of drinking coffee i am only fun of drinking milk 🙂 . Anyway i have a great time reading your post here thanks.

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