I Love Seafoods

I love occasions with buffets. I can choose whatever food I want and I can help myself to as much food as I wish to eat, lol! My first choice always is sea foods especially prawns and crabs. I don’t know why. I just love them.

 Photo from imageafter.com

I also love grilled fish, squids, scampi, mussels, scallops, etc. Many people are fussy about sea foods. For them sea food is limited to eating prawns. They don’t realize that sea foods give us many benefits.

•    Fish is your heart’s best friend.
•    One serving of fish two to three times per week keeps arthritis away.
•    Some varieties of seafoods were proven to strengthen the immune system.
•    Seafoods in pregnant woman’s diet make smart and healthy kids.
•    The fatty acids in fishes can alleviate the symptoms of depression.
•    Shellfish ensures healthy skin and eyes.
•    Children who eat oily fish may have lower risk of getting asthma.
•    Fish heaters have lower risks of getting cancer.
•    Fatty fish are best natural source of Vitamin D.
•    Essential fatty acids found in most seafood variety may reduce the development of Alzheimer’s disease. (souce)

How about you? Is your buffet choice as healthy as mine? Share it with us at…

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  1. Thanks for sharing those info…
    nice photo and looks soo yummy…

  2. waaaaaaaah just got that same picture for dinner ha.. ganyan din ang luto ni hubby hehehehe. same tau rossel!!! love ko rin seafoods tlga..

    anyways, thanks for the info ha.. genius ka tlga hihih

    thanks for joining GT ha! am sorry for the late visit, I just got back from a very watery weekend ^_^

    Artsy Niko
    Niko's Home

  3. Hello tokaya, may tag ako sayo sa etecetera, pls check na lang bukas hehehe,.. di ko pa tapos kaya di ko pa mabigay yung link.. just copying your link para lagay ko don sa tag.. mwah1

  4. I enjoyed your blog. Very insightful
    Hope you will find blessings on mine
    Jesus Lives, Bob West

  5. i love seafoods, too. i only knew now that it keeps arthritis away, i thought seafoods were triggers of it.thanks for sharing

  6. ang sarap at saka ang mahal ng shrimps no..Kaya yan ang unahin para di lugi…

    blowing peachkisses
    The Peach Kitchen
    peach and things

  7. Mel Alarilla says:

    Yes, seafood is great and I really love them. Much as I want to eat sea food like prawns and crabs, I cannot because I have hypertension and they are rich food forbidden for people like me, waaah, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  8. sa crabs ako mahilig at di masyado sa shrimp.

  9. Wow, thanks for the information ha, lagi talagang may lesson dito sa site mo..

    I also love fish and shrimp, crabs din kapag nasa Chinese buffet kami, ngalang, di yun ang aking first choice, kasi hooked ako sa soup at shrimp cocktail, yugn crabs eh pang ending na yun, kapag tapos na si Rodney kumain, kasi taga crack ko na siya ng legs, hehehe..

  10. Same here,I love seafoods!!Allergic kasi ang asawa ko sa seafoods kaya pag nasa labas kami,seafoods ang target ko lol!

    re:hinde naman masyadong busy,di katulad ng dati.Pag merong PTA meetings lang tapos pag may events sa school nila–madodoble lang pag umatend ako kasi different school kasi ang pinapasukan nila eh.Naalala ko ang post mo dati nung ikaw lang mag-isa sa bahay( remember?)–hayzz..nakakalungkot nga..ganyan din ako ngayon eh,mag-isa sa bahay…wala na akong akay-akay na makulit kasi lol!

    Thanks for dropping by,Mommy Rossel!!Have a nice day!^_^Regards to RJ!!

  11. yum, that looks good!

  12. Thanks for sharing sis, I love Seafoods too and I love when I see food as well. 😀

  13. True, healthy talaga … ako lang yata ang weird … LOL!

    Food I Fancy First

  14. ooohh, this is yummy.. i love seafoods too…

  15. Dyan ako nabuhay sa seafood tokaya hehehe.. I love seafood that is why I don't understand why oh why allergic na ako ngayon sa seafoods wahhhhhhh! Pero kumakain pa rin ako syempre, ginagamot na lang ang galis hahahaha..

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