I Miss My Family

I am not feeling well since the other day. Yesterday my body temp is 37.8. I have no fever today but still have this terrible headache, colds, joints and muscle pains. Flu I think. In times like this, I am missing my family especially my mom. How I wish she’s here to take good care of me like what she used to do, give me good whole body massage and cook comfort food. I miss my dad too and my siblings.

This is my youngest brother. He’s sweet and caring too. He never forgets to greet me on every occasion. He always texts me asking for “pasa load” and money. That’s how sweet he is.

The lady beside me in this picture is my sister. I am the eldest and she was born after me. She’s the best among my best friends. We don’t keep secrets from each other. We used to borrow each others things when we’re still single. The guy in the middle is the eldest among my brothers. My savior every time I am broke. lol!

With my youngest brother and my sister. Who is prettier? Noticed my double chin?

There are no dull moments with my family. Wacky shot while having drinking spree. The one in gray is my 3rd brother. We are 6 offsprings and only 2 are ladies. I have 4 brothers who are all loving and protective. We went to their place just 2 weeks ago but it seems like a month ago. I am missing them more while looking at these pictures.

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  2. Looks like you're all really close. It's nice to have a loving family.

    Get well soon, Rossel!

  3. Nice pictures! suddenly I miss my family too…I think I should slow down and have time! take care mommy rossel..:-)

  4. Oh wow, parang magpifriendas lang kayo sistah… Hope you are feeling better already..

    Glad to know that your new domain is up and working now.. Congratulations.. You need to update all the websites you joined in with your new url para di conflict, including bloggers to… I'll update mine now..


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  5. Awww…Ang saya-saya naman ang kuha ng mga pictures nyo,Mommy Rossel.Masaya talaga pag-close ang bonding ng lahat ng mag-anak anoh?!para tuloy na gusto kong sumali dyan lalo na't nai-mention mong "drinking spree"–alam mo naman na mahilig ako sa inuman lol!Kahit na gin,oks na ako!!^_^

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