I want a Bathroom Vanity

Every year before the year ends, we paint our house and change some of our stuffs. We discard the old ones most especially those that underwent repairs for the past months. What I like this year before the year ends are the renovation of our bathroom and to have a good bathroom vanity if the budget permits. Our bathroom is too confined and I am tired of the way it looks.
Every time we are checking in hotels, I cannot help myself from admiring and getting envious with the bathroom vanities. Before, I always love to have a bathroom vanity cabinet with marble top like the one in the picture. I find it so classic and beautiful and it complements well with the bathrooms inspired by the trend and fashions of the past just like what my grandmother used to have. But as I browse the web, I saw websites that sell high quality contemporary bathroom vanities and bathroom sink vanities made of metal, stainless steel and glass that I think would complement well with the new bathroom I want.
Bathroom vanity is not only to make your bathroom looks good. Its main purpose is for your hygiene and health. This is where you wash your hands and face and where you brush your teeth, that is why it is important to consider not only the style but the materials as well. It should be durable for it to last longer.
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