In White Shorts

I don’t hate white but it’s neither my favorite (though I must say I have few white tees which were all given to me as gift and pasalubong). But I have this white shorts that I looove so much. I love its material, its cut and fit.

white bottoms
With my best friends Hazel and Mylene.
It’s only now that I noticed we’re all in white bottoms here…

white shorts
In the same white shorts.

So, why do I love this shorts? It’s a little elastic and sexy that fits just right on me and gives emphasis to my big behind. Would you believe I bought it in “thift market” for only Php50.00 (USD1.19)? And because I often use it, it’s white no more. I think I have to give it up soon…as soon as I find one with the same fit. πŸ™‚

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By Rossel

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12 replies on “In White Shorts”

this post just confirms that you really have legs to die for. ^^

my favorite pieces of clothing too, i realize, are those that came from ukay. i believe it’s because i know what they’re really worth but they don’t look cheap at all. ^^

Hahaha. I do the same to my fave shorts, too. Di nga lang white itong sa akin! As for your feet– yeah, I love looking at feat in the same color of footwear. Just like yours three! πŸ™‚

Late GT visiting with my white entry as well! Hope to see you at mine! πŸ™‚

Hello MOmmy Sel, yayks… wow legs ahihihi… more than the wow legs … love your bag …. hahaha… you sure have lovely friends too… thanks for dropping by my entry πŸ™‚

Tnx for visiting my GT entry on my other site πŸ™‚
That’s actually the 1st thing I noticed, trio in white πŸ™‚ parang nag-usap πŸ™‚

(PS. I frequent UK shops, too^_^ )

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