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I was once an employee of a telecommunications company. When the company was experiencing financial difficulties, I was forced to resign. Instead of looking for a new job, my husband and I decided to put up a small business of shoes, bags and apparels that is running for eleven years now. The first thing I felt then was “freedom”. I can work because I want to, on my own time frame, and not because my boss asked me to and I lived the lifestyle I want. 
What could be more fulfilling than establishing your own business and fulfilling your dreams one by one? With your own business or company, you can test your ideas while earning more than what a salaried employee is earning. However, starting your own business and/or company can be daunting, from the company formation and registration down to auditing. You must as well have lots of ideas about the line of business you will choose and enough knowledge on accountancy. But what if there is a company who is willing to incorporate your company instantly? 
Wisteria Formations is helping new entrepreneurs to make their dream business a reality. With their straight-forward incorporation solution, they can help you with the business plans, company registration, give advices on accountancy and tax, etc. You will not need to hire a lawyer, accountant and adviser, which means a lot of savings on your part. With the company offering services and business solutions like these, opening your business will be as easy as ABC.
The exciting and thrill of your everyday challenges and knowing that you will cater to many people with your ideas is fulfilling yet, much more by the thought of increasing the competitiveness and making this world a better place with your product and/or services while carving your own destiny and reaching all of your dreams.

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  1. Oh…..I wanna work n nga sis eh….hay yay yay…being freelancer is good asi may anakis ako…pero hinahanp hanap ko dn ang ofis….ang samahan kahit mabab ang sueldo =)

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