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Internet : Making Life Easier

Internet has gone a long way since it was first introduced. Forty decades ago, internet was being used only by computer experts, engineers and scientists for the purpose of data sharing. Today, internet is building bridges across the people around the world. I totally disagree with Jay Rockefeller when he said that “Internet should have never been invented.” For me, it is one of the best inventions ever. It is making peoples’ lives a lot easier.

Through internet, you can have a face-to-face interaction with your friends and families even you are miles apart. Studies show that most people increased intimacy in relationships with close friends and family as a result of the internet. Internet also made shopping easier. You can now shop for anything online, clothes, appliances, food, tools, insurance with an Internet Marketing Company ready to assist you 24/7.

And by doing some research, you can find a job through the internet and tons of income may be created over the internet as well. Not to mention that you can find almost everything you wish to find through search engines and download movies, music, softwares, etc.

There are so much services could be offered and rendered via the internet so I must say that it changed the lives of people in so many ways and all of them are for the better.

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By Rossel

Graduate of B.S. Medical Technology but landed in the field of business and writing. She has gone from being a white-collared job employee to an entrepreneur because of the world's changes and demanding needs. She is currently maintaining 4 blogs with different niches such as business and finance, parenting and family, health and beauty, and home improvement.

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