It Brought Me Tears

I just don’t know why but music can evoke emotions most especially when you are down and heart broken. When you just lost someone and heard mellow music, it makes you more depressed and you feel like the song is meant for you and you alone. So far I haven’t experienced to cry by just listening to a song but there is this one song that makes me feel sad…Dance with My Father by Luther Vandross.

Ooops, don’t get me wrong. My father is still alive and kicking. It is just that I find everything about this song so touching; the melody, the lyrics, the thought. I am Papa’s girl and listening to this song makes me imagine bad things, if you know what I mean. And oh, listening to it now brought tears to my eyes and made me feel sad again. Waaah!

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  1. one of the more popular song of choice, both this week and the last. but i’m not surprised. this is an equally sweet, sad and meaningful song. my dad is still alive, but he and mom have been separated for the longest time and i hardly see him, so i can really relate to this song 🙁

  2. oh yes, this one is a real tearjerker…

  3. Aha, don’t listen to sad music especially one dealing with one’s relationship with one’s father. There is such a thing as self fulfilling prophecy. Being melancholy maybe attractive for a time but it is bad in the long run. It is better to have joy and peace in one’s heart brought about by the presence of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. i know ate rossel… nakaka sad talaga imagining we’ll gonna sing this song in the future. hugs! Here’s mine.

  5. Hey, hey! 5th time I’ve seen this song this week. Very popular choice!

    Happy GT!

  6. A papa’s girl here as well. I totally know what you mean when you said it makes you think of bad things… Sometimes my mind would play a trick on me and just scares the hell out of me thinking I might lose my dad soon (knock on wood), and I just couldn’t help but cry :'( I don’t think I can handle the situation. Nice song choice.

    Happy GT. Mine’s here. 🙂

    Mars @ The Life Encounters

  7. yeah, they can evoke emotion but they can also make you feel better. kaya siguro part na sa life yung mga song. life is like a song may intro at chorus tapos repeat hehehe. This is a good song rossel.

    Visit my GT crying out loud LOL

  8. nice song Rossel…very meaningful ang lyrics di ba? Nakakaiyak…

    here’s mine

  9. Nako marami kayo na nagposting sa song na ito. Thanks. Mine is up too.

  10. I lost my Dad when I was 7yo..this song made me miss him. I didn’t have the chance to dance with him. =(

    It is my 1st time to join, my entry is HERE.

  11. now this is good for a wedding song..very nice 🙂

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