It’s My Birthday Today

Advertisements on how to look younger, thinner and trendy are everywhere, either the natural way or through surgery. Most people are patronizing these products, especially women (including me).  I don’t know why but there is somewhat fear in us as we get older.  We are afraid to have dry and wrinkled skin, age spots, gray hair, droopy eyelids and breasts, etc. 
However, nothing can reverse one’s aging. May be those skins can be stretched through the help of a knife, but I am not brave enough to go through that process. Though our outer appearance can be changed, still the cells inside our body deteriorate as we age. So stop longing and looking backwards  at a youth we can never have again. Instead, accept the loss of youth and enjoy each day we have with our loved ones. 
It’s my birthday today and another year has added on my age. Yes, I gained a lot of weight and got age spots but it seems nothing much changed. May be I will see the big difference 20 years from now, lol! So how will I look like 20 years from now?
More or less this is how I will look like. Hmmm…not bad at all. Anyway, I will be on  my nearly 60s by then. I think it is not the physical appearance that I am really afraid of. I am  more worried about my health and other things that may happen as I get older. But then I am looking forward for each years adventure as I am sure that everything will turn out to be even more wonderful as I am aging gracefully.
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10 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday Today

  1. Happy Birthday! I believe we can age gracefully no matter what our outer appearance, if we continue to like who we are on the inside. You can be the most attractive person in the room but if you don’t think so then it doesn’t get you anywhere.

    I am in my 50’s and I have put on a few pounds but I take care of myself the best way I can and keep striving to become a better person on the inside and out.

  2. Happy Birthday to you. May you have many more blessed and abundant birthdays to come. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Though I was so busy booking for cebu pacific P1 promo.. nag effort ako to make a post for your bday! Pa konsensya…hehehehe.. remember me? Oi Add mo naman lahat sites ko sis.

  4. happy birthday rossel!! I don't agree with the looks here.. I believe you'll look much younger than pic here.. happy happy birthday!!

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