It’s Raining Again

Rhonnell is on leave today. Yehey! He promised to help me do our laundry. We were about to wash our clothes when it rained. Grrr! RJ sang, “Rain,rain go away. Come again another day. Mama will wash our clothes today.” Not effective but I still gave her a hug. She’s so thoughtful. She knows that this rain is pissing me off.

I know farmers need rain for their crops but not everyday please? It’s RJ’s exam until Saturday and I promised her that she can go outside and play after her exams. Hope the weather is good by then.

How are you my blogger friends? Hope it’s not raining in your place. Good day everyone!

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  1. we have very sunny days here in davao then rainy evenings.

  2. We've been hoping for some over here in my place.

  3. I am sorry Ross that I put Mel…Writing by mistake.

  4. It's was hot here mel for few days. Three days ago, it started cooling off and hopefully it will continue. We need lots of rain. We have water shortage here in LA and I think all over California. But as what you said, too much rain is annoying. Hopefully Mr. Rain will come to LA. Our plants need water and as much as we do. Take care Ross and have a wonderful day with your family and friends.

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