It’s the Thought That Counts

This week’s theme made me think if the best gifts I received are from hubby. The answer is yes if I will base it on monetary value. But it’s not surprising because he is my husband. I mean, partners always give each other special gifts on special occasions. So what I did is I erased hubby from the list and disregard the monetary value of each gift. It’s the thought that counts after all.

The best gift I received is from my bestfriend Hazel. Though I would say her gifts must have cost her much, it’s the thought and effort that I appreciate the most. She and her family are now based in Abu Dhabi and being miles away from me didn’t stop her from letting me know that I am remembered on my special day.

Birthday Gifts

roses, chocolates and bear

We only get the chance to meet once a year but as always, she has this way of making me feel that I am a special friend.

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4 replies on “It’s the Thought That Counts”

wala pa nabigay sakin si paulie. puro pagmamahal pa lang. wahaha! but i understand naman, since he doesn’t earn pa. hehehe. how thoughtful naman your friend! pero ikaw rin naman. hihihi. thank you uli sa gift! mwaaaah!!!

Wow, I am elated that you continue to appreciate my gifts and gesture. I love you. We might see each other this September but I’ll let you know once confirmed. Take care.

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