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Is there a woman who doesn’t love accessories and jewelries? I guess none. Women have this passion for jewelries because they give us exquisite look for every occasion. From earrings down to the anklets with different designs from Victorian to ethnic, we love them all. I was browsing for an on-line jewelry store and saw this lovely pair of earrings, simple yet elegant. This on line store, have not only jewelries but also largest variety of traditional clothing from India like sarees, salwar suits and bridal clothing. They also have footwear from India. My eyes were feasting for 30 minutes on their fabulous designs. I suggest you visit for your on-line jewelry shopping from India and for your other ethnic needs.
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  1. i am not into jewelries but i like making accessories made of semi precious stones like jade, quartz and crystals, pearls and swarovskis so they ended being given away to friends and relatives. It was an expensive hobby so I stopped hehe

  2. mali English ko: dapat "I stopped collecting them πŸ™ hehehe, God bless Ross! πŸ™‚

  3. I love jewelries. But since I have the tendency to lose them, either misplacing it or giving it away (a.k.a being snatched or stolen), I started to stop collecting them:(

    Btw, I've a comment on your Busy and Excited post. Happy Thursday, Ross! πŸ™‚

  4. hello Ross. I love jewelries too. In fact I made some of it out of beads. I am planning to collect real gold jewelries someday. Not only to use them everyday but also using it when I don't have money, I will sell it or pawn it. Take care my friend.

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