Knowing the Three Basic Kinds of Phones

Almost everyone these days has a cellular phone basically because it is not as expensive compared before. Even a 7-year old child can have one given by their parents for the purpose of convenient monitoring.


Basically, there are only three kinds of phones; these are mobile phones, feature phones and smartphones.

A mobile phone is a kind of phone that would allow its users to make calls and send text messages only. These are the kind of phones with longer battery life at a super low cost. Some of them would only cost less than $20 along with few freebies.

Next up would be the feature phone. These phones are designed to have one or more stand-out features like the ability to capture high-res images, store numerous songs, and a whole lot more.

The last classification that would definitely not the least is the smartphone. They’re the most expensive ones in the market. They are equipped with computer-like features and can have internet connectivity via wifi, 3G and 4G signals. They are also powered by high end operating systems like Android by Google, iOs by Apple, Windows by Microsoft and by Research in Motion.

After knowing all of these, which type of phone do you want then? It would all boil down to what you truly need.

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