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Latest Technology for Customer Service Roles

It’s true that technology has had a huge, resonating effect on how we can communicate with one another. It’s also true that the customer service industry is based largely (or even wholly) on communication, which means there is no service role more in need of helpful technology. At Com2 we are all about helping business connect to their clients, and as such have compiled some great communication systems that are designed to enhance the customer service experience.

customer service roles

What if you could automate your customer feedback surveys?

You’d be able to constantly gauge the satisfaction of your clients! This is now possible with new customer service feedback software, which can send your customer a survey after each request to monitor how they viewed their experience. By opening the door to criticism and working with your customer to overcome any shortfalls, you can effectively nip the problem in the bud. You also allow direct contact for your customer to vent, rather than waiting for them to find you on a public forum such as Facebook to announce their displeasure.

Get real-time reports

Sick of waiting around for end-of-month reports? Monitor your customer’s satisfaction in real time by getting on top of all your statistics. Flag those overdue requests, understand which complaint is most prominent in your business and no longer spend countless hours poring over the facts when you can have it sent straight to you anytime, anywhere. This is the reality of real-time reports and dashboard software.

Simplify your workflow

Workflow is one of the toughest aspects of business to figure out, especially in customer service roles. With automated workflow software, you can share with the customer or client exactly where you are in solving their issue or request. They remain updated and you get to spend more time working productively on their case. These features help to alleviate a potentially frustrated customer as well as move their request through the queue to the correct service agent.

Compile your own business Wiki

If you’re staff are constantly asking each other the same questions, it may be worthwhile to invest in an internal knowledge base, kind of like your own business Wikipedia. There are many systems available where you can create your database and update it easily, making one large internal location for all your documents and files. With these types of systems you can cut lost time by providing a wealth of information associated with your business to your employees for swifter referencing and training.
Give your customers the tools to answer their own questions

We all love feeling accomplished, and now your customers can too with online self-service. This software identifies questions that are asked frequently and compiles them into a single section of your website. This allows you to go into greater detail for each question the one time, saving you an unmeasured amount of time answering the same questions again and again.

There is much to be gained from the latest in customer service technology, and at Com2 we’re sure this is just the beginning.

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