Learning Never Ends

Years ago, I did not know anything about computers. Would you believe I did not know the difference between Microsoft Word and Power Point? I did not even know how to send emails and how to use Yahoo Messenger. Well, you cannot blame me. When I was in college, computers were just newly introduced and much more the internet. My only background in computer is flow charting.

When I met my husband who is a Computer Science graduate, my virtual world has changed. He taught me everything from Microsoft Word, Power Point, and how to use the internet. And when a friend introduced me to blogging a year back, I learned much more. Now I know how to tweak blog layouts, make headers, buttons, etc. Presently, I am trying to make a web layout of my own. I love browsing the net and I learned a lot through constant research.

Do not restrict yourself. Just because you have graduated with a degree course doesn’t mean you can stop studying. There are many things to learn from and add to your knowledge be it in IT or other fields. Things move so fast that as soon as you learn one thing, it changes. In this fast pacing world adaptability is a must. Read as much as you can and browse the net as often as you can for you not to be left out. Learning never ends.

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  1. Hair Salon Management says:

    I am learning a foreign language. I want to make it fun. I find myself really forcing myself to learn new words. How can I possibly make it fun?

  2. about web design says:

    The other thing here is that i don't know what other boox should i read to get ready for entering a musical college. although i know that learning music never ends and i should read so many boox, I need a place to start.

  3. about web design says:

    My best lessons don't become evident until long after I have learned them. Today I am learning what I learned yesterday.

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