Leather Sofa for My Parents

It seems I will have a day off next week. I need to go out once in a while, right Hon? Well, the truth is, my sister in Qatar called and asked if I can accompany our parents in looking for new sofa because their sofa was damaged by typhoon Ondoy. She said she wanted a leather sofa. I think a designer leather sofa, an Italian or European contemporary, would be nice in their big receiving area. An orange sofa like the one in the picture will match the yellow paint of their house.
Leather sofa has a reputation of luxury because it was once afforded only by the wealthy persons. But because of the increase in demand, the price of the quality leather sofas has brought down. Leather furniture has many advantages. It stands-up much wear and tear compared to other fabrics making it durable for years. It is also very easy to clean. Just wipe away any stains that may occur.

Mom doesn’t like leather sofa for we are living in a tropical country and according to her, leather is sticky when the weather is hot. Maybe she was referring to the man-made one because the real leather provides comfort and adapts to the temperature of the room.

Leather sofas are really of great value and improve with age. How I wish we could buy one too. If only we have big space.


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  1. Leather sofa is a good investment for smart homemakers because it is very easy to maintain. It also elevates the mood in any space into tremendous heights.

  2. nice sofa sis…

  3. sorry to hear your sisters stuff got damaged. you must be so releived shes ok. what a horrible disaster 🙁

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