Left-Handed On Right-Handed World

I saw this posted on our refrigerator door last Sunday. This is my daughter’s gift to me last Mother’s day. I was touched because I saw her drawing something but I had no idea that it’s for me. This reminds me of my own drawings when I was her age. Like me, she has this passion for arts and she’s left handed too. Based on research, if you are left-handed, the right side of your brain which controls the visual and artistry of the person is more dominant. So this answers the saying that if you are left-handed you are artistic or creative.

About 10% of the world’s population is left-handed. Left-handedness is more common in males than in females. There does not appear to be any great disadvantage to being left-handed other than inconvenience of using some tools in our right-handed world.

Desks in school- How often do you see desk in school with the slab wood on the left side?

Ruler- the number seems to go the wrong way for a lefty.

Manual vehicle- it would be much easier for a left-handed person if the stick is on the left side.

Coffee mug- we are always looking at the plain side.

Computer- there’s no left-handed keyboard.

Wrist watches- all watches are made to be worn on the left hand making it hard for us to push the buttons.

Guitar- designed for right-handed or you reverse the strings.

Good to know that there are on-line stores for left-handed people like me. Anything Left Handed is an on-line store that offers tools especially designed for left-handed people that can help to make our task a lot easier.

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  1. me and my brothers are left-handed but our mother trained us to be right-handed and she was successful with writing skills. We all use our right hand for writing but except for that we all do manual or hand works on the left. Marunong ako magkamay (kumain) sa left hand pero di ko alam sa right hand… My left is stronger ^_^
    Thanks for this post!

  2. Hi Rossel, she is left handed, so is Bill Clinton and Barack Obama…..
    And you’re right, can be creative too.
    And you left handed too? Gosh, two in the family, ha ha.
    You keep well and have a great day, Lee.

  3. hello..ako po left-handed.. hehe

  4. Rossel, you are so blessed with such a talented daughter :-)…very thoughtful, too!

    thanks for the post about left handed, it is very interesting!

  5. amiable amy says:

    wow galing naman….napaka thoughtful nang ank mo

    blog hopping na naman ako…

    By the way, add kita sa bloglist ko, paki add mo din ito sa bloglist mo ha, salamat.


  6. So sweet naman ng little girl mo.. Nakakataba ng puso ano..

  7. I’m touched. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful kid, Rossel. 🙂

  8. Aaawww, you’re blessed to have an artistic and sweet daughter.

  9. hello rossell. first and foremost, thank you for always visitng my blog. you are one of the many na di nakakalimot kahit na di ko masyadong mabisita ang blog nila. malapit nang matapos lahat ng projects ko and i will soon be back to blogging and bugging you with my long comments. hehe.

    ui… touch naman ako sa gift ng daughter mo to you. ganda ha!

    when i was younger, i tried hard to practice my left hand sa pagsulat and pagdrawing even if alam kong right-handed talaga ako. i love looking kasi at people na left handed. i find them cute whener they’re writing and drawing.

    would you believe? i had 13 boyfriends in the past, i realized now lang na all of them are left-handed. tapos, my present boyfriend is also a lefty. hihi.

    see you more around and belated happy mother’s day! mwah

  10. She’s good.. usually left handed are good in art works with the exception of me hehehe..

  11. Hi rossel.. Daming natin similarities ano.. N-name ng angel mo is a combination ng dalawa kong anak hehehe.. tapos rosalie ginamit mo sa bravejournal blog ko, I used rosalie when i was in elementary too and magkabday pa tayo lol..

  12. hi rossel, thanks for this link. now my bro knows where to go. he is left handed kasi and i think one of his kids is left-handed as well.

    thanks for sharing

  13. pati pala mga kaliwete meron na din site ano? sabi mo nga tamang tama sayo yan dahil left handed ka…

    salamat nga pala sa dalaw…salamat naman at natuwa ka kahit paano…ingat lagi at tulad mo lagi din umaatake ang aking mahiwagang sakit..hirap naman

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