Lesser Opportunity In our Own Country

One of the world’s greatest problems is unemployment. The reason why many Filipinos are leaving the country to sustain their family’s daily needs and to give their children better future is because other countries can offer better jobs and more opportunities than the country of our own. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I am a true-blooded Filipino and I love the Philippines. What I do not like is the bureaucracy or I should say “bureaucrazy”?

According to my sister who used to work in South Korea for 5 years, it is very easy to find a job there. Koreans just have to walk from one factory to another. The employer will ask them how much salary they like. If the employer agrees, then they can start working the next day without even asking for their names. The following day, it’s the only time the employer will ask for their names and other information plus, there is no age limit. Even a 70 year old can work as long as he or she is capable to work.

How about here? When applying for a job, 2 to 3 years experience is a must in most companies and if you are above 35 years old, most likely they will not hire you except of course in call centers. You have to take series of tests, then pass the initial interview and pass the final interview. If you are lucky enough to pass all of these, then you have to complete all the requirements. One is certificate of employment from previous employers which will be the proof that you have experience.

You will be asked then to secure an NBI clearance. Unlikely, you can not get the NBI clearance without the police clearance, you can not get a police clearance without the barangay clearance and you can not get a barangay clearance without the cedula or tax certificate. In short, you have to get them all. Whew!!!

Then, there is the medical examination. Most of the companies are accepting results only from their affiliated laboratories which will cost you more than a thousand. You are looking for a job to earn but seem you will spend much before you can start working.

More often than not, finding a job is like a business. You have to invest before you can earn. How about those who want to have decent jobs but can not meet these requirements? How about those who are qualified but do not have even a single centavo to spend? Result: unemployment, poverty, hunger, theft, robbery, prostitution. It is so sad that this is happening in our country. I am hoping that our government can find solutions to solve this problem in increasing number of unemployed Filipinos and not just focus in 2010 elections.

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  1. Naku sinabi mo pa!!Di na yata matatapos yang problema sa gobyerno eh!

    Have a nice day!!^_^

  2. Nice post!

    Yeah, I wish problems like this would get solved once and for all. I’m still praying it will be.

    Have a good week ahead, Rossel. 🙂

  3. Well said ross, dyan lang naman sa pinas na ang mga saleslady is yung naka mini at saka dapat pretty and young. Eh dito ako na shock sa US yung mga promo mga matatanda, at saka yung mga saleslady or sales associate eh mi mga idad na. And just what you have said basta kaya pang mag trabaho pwede pa dito. Eh dyan, pag matanda ka na kabado ka kung mawalan ka bigla nang trabaho kasi for sure walang kukuha sa iyo unless kung anak ka ni GOVERNOR OR NI MAYOR!!

  4. Naku mukhang mahirap solusyunan ang problemang ito. Matagal ng problem ng pinas ang unemployment kaya nag marami talaga nangingibang bansa kasi mas malaki din ang kita. Dito sa atin di ka basta basta makakapsok sa trabaho. Marami ka talaga dapat pag daanan.

  5. Nanaybelen says:

    ganun talaga ang gobyarno natin. cocorakutan ka muna kahit alam nilang walang kasiguraduhan ang inaaplyan mong trabaho.

    Nagtataka nga ako kung saan napupunta yong limpak limpak na ibinabayad sa authentication fee sa malakanyang , foreign affairs at NBI araw araw.

  6. Hay naku korek ka dyan Mommy Rossel.. Dito talaga sa Korea, kahit nga marunong ka lang ng english eh magkakapera ka ng malaki kasi pwede ka magturo sa mga koreano… Hirap naman kasi dyan sa tin, puro mga kurakot ang politicians..

    Hay naku yang mga requirements na yan, pinagdaanan ko lahat yan bago ako nakaalis..

  7. I am sad to read your post because I know that Filipinos are good workers… The government should do something drastic to address this situation, greed is the first thing that they have to eliminate especially from the govt. officials..

  8. This is really one interesting and annoying topic in this dreaded country. When on my job hunting mode, I can’t keep from cursing those companies who are blatantly discriminatory: Wanted: Experienced editor Age: 20-28. Executive assistant Age 21-25. You’re right Rossel – grabe talaga ang Pinas pagdating sa usaping employment.

  9. I like your topic Bes. So sad that this is happening. I get depressed everytime I watch TV Patrol on TFC and got to watch more bad than good news. I miss the Philippines so much and everyone back home and wish my family can all go home for good and have the kids enjoy what is left of the Phils. The thing is as you rightfully said, there is less opportunity of getting good paying job back home.And with 3 kids in tow who are all studying, it is quite difficult. Well, politicians are starting to show their selves again on tv and make good impressions but all of them even with good motives seem to always get into the hang of being in power and take all the opportunities to get themselves or their supporters rich at the expense of all voters.

    But even with this sad reality happening, i am still hoping for a better Philippines and of course I am still proud to be Filipino. Uuwi pa rin ako, eto lang kasi ang bayan ko eh!

  10. what i find interesting is this: kahit janitor ang aapplyan mo kung anu-ano hinahanap sayo pero pag pulitiko walang requirements!

  11. ay naku totoo lahat itong andito, ang mahirap nga talaga dito e kung matanda ka na tas gusto mo naman magtrabaho ka pa at kaya mo pa naman..paano ka na kung di mo ma meet ang requirement nila? di ba ang sakit nun sa isang tao na alam mo naman sa sarili mo na kaya mo pero di ka matanggap..

    isip ko nga e kung meron pa mas mababa sa cedula na requirement nila e baka magbigay pa sila, ang dami dadaanan ano? bago ka makasa katakot takot na gastusan muna, ang masakit e kung bagsak ka naman sa interview, paano ang naging investment mo? wala na?

  12. kasandria says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog. The world keeps trying to bring us down, but remember…..It’s only life. We all get through it! Clicked some links for ya as well. Have a great day!

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