Light a Candle For Cory Aquino

This tag is from Kero of Kero’s Celebration.

In loving memory of former President Corazon C. Aquino, I am encouraging the blogosphere to light a candle for her. Grab the image below, add your prayer for Mrs. Aquino and link up.

1. Bits & Pieces – Thank you Lord for giving President Aquino
the gift of life. It was a well-lived life as she
touched nations all over the world.
It must have been difficult for her
especially the last months of her life.
But everything is well now as she joins you.
May her family find comfort knowing that
she is now safe in your kingdom.

2. Kero’s CelebrationOur gratitude to you, Lord for sharing
with the Filipino people, one of your miracles on earth.
May the courageous life of President Aquino continue
to inspire women all over the world.

3. Topics on Earth – Lord, we have lost a national treasure,
a great leader, a good mother and a role model.
May she continue to inspire all Filipino people especially
Filipino politicians. Give her family the strength
and comfort they need.

I am tagging all my friends in blogosphere. Please grab this tag and pray for her soul too.

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  1. Let's pray for her soul…May she rest in peace…

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  3. I'm so sorry for Corazon. She was a great lady. I'm sorry for your national loss.
    Happy birthday for your daughter, too. She's a sweet little girl. You are a very lucky mom.

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