Look at the Bright Side

What to do when looking for a job is the favorite topic of different TV shows these past days. I was wondering why when I suddenly remembered that it is already March, the graduates’ most awaited month. I just hope that these graduating students could find job easily so as not to add in the numbers of unemployed in the country. Unemployment rate in the country is increasing and still counting. It is because there are many people who are capable to work yet unable to find work.

Years way back, even a highschool graduate can find decent job. Now, aside from the course that you have just finished, you need to have the special trainings or degree courses if you want a good job, management jobs especially. In short, you have to be well equipped and knowledgeable.

What?! Study again? Yes, it may sound disheartening to others. Who would want to study again after pouring himself with the notes, lectures and books, night and day for years? But if you will look at the bright side, enabling learning is also enabling your personal growth and development. By doing so, you do not need to watch those TV shows on what to do when looking for a job because you are skilled and knowledgeable enough.

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