Looking for an Easy Web Hosting

I am planning of putting up a new blogsite again before the year ends. Also, I want to give my blogspot blog its own domain name and transfer it to a new web host that is why I am currently searching for a good web hosting company with no downtime transfer process. If you are a blogger or if you have a website then you know that web hosting is extremely important in the success of a website.

After the domain registration, finding the right hosting company is what follows next. What I need is an easy web hosting with easy to use management tools that will get me online, yet that is very dependable and with steady up-time record. If I can see a web hosting company that is offering a free domain name aside from the unlimited disk space and bandwith, then lucky me.

Also a web hosting company that is offering 24/7 technical support and not just a human voicemail is one of my priorities. I am not a very techy person so I need someone to be there round the clock, if ever there will be any problems or issues about the website, to help me resolve them.

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