Lopez Link-Improving the Lopez Group’s Services

It is common knowledge to all Filipinos that the Lopez Group is providing us with some of our basic needs and services like Meralco, BayanTel, ABS CBN, Sky Cable, etc. And because of their yearning to provide us with more quality service, they launched the Lopez Link, the official monthly publications of the Lopez Group of companies. Through this website, we can keep track of their activities, latest projects and programs and achievements as well. You can view the Lopez Group’s activities and achievements in 2009 at the Lopez Link 2009 Year End Report.

One of their recent achievements and good news is, the Knowledge Channel and Department of Education renew basic education tools development partnership, a 10-year partnership, helps in improving the classroom interaction through information and communication technology. This was formalized during the 1st Knowledge Channel Stakeholders Awards.

Knowledge Channel is the first and only all-educational cable TV channel in the Philippines, through ABS CBN, made available for free in public schools nationwide. The curriculum-based and life skills programming made accessible primarily to the public basic educational system through broadcast. This is a big help to the public schools wherein the number of students keep on growing every year yet the books and classrooms keep on dilapidating. This is a long time problem that can’t be solved because of the governments funding problem. Knowledge Channel can help to uplift the quality of education in public schools.

Lopez Link also has forum section. I just joined the discussion about “Teaching t0 Save the Pasig Campaign to Children“. It is one of the many topics being discussed in the forum. You can also join the forum and voice out your sentiments, complaints and suggestions to help improve the Lopez Group’s services like the Sky Cable and ABS CBN programs.

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