Loreland Farm Resort – An Honest Review

6G’s had its summer reunion again. Because we had a short preparation, we decided to have our summer reunion somewhere in Antipolo. I suggested Loreland Farm Resort because of its enticing website and the positive reviews on the web. I must admit, I was a little disappointed when we got there. The place is relaxing but it’s not as beautiful as I expected.
Loreland Farm Resort is an 8 hectare land resort located in Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City. It is divided into 3 phases and I should say it has complete amenities: Resto and Bar with Acoustics every Saturday night, convenience store, salon and spa, volleyball, basketball court, billiards, zip line, chapel and station of the cross.
Loreland Farm Resort
 Resto and Bar

farm resort
other amenities…
zip line…

Loreland Farm Resort

convenience and novelty shop…

If I counted it right, Loreland Farm has 18 swimming pools but most of them are small and they were too crowded when we went there may be because it’s still summer weekend. I don’t know if it has the same scenario during week days. And because it was a hill developed into resort, you have to take steps to access other swimming pools which are a little bit tiring.

farm resort

Swimming Pools
 Kiddie Pool
What is good about this place is they have many big shower and comfort rooms that’s why there’s no queue inside the shower room even the place is crowded.

Loreland Farm Resort
 Inside the shower and comfort room.

There are also so many cottages, cabanas, umbrellas, and resthouses for overnight accommodations. So even if you go there late, you won’t run out of affordable place to stay at.

farm resort
We rented a cabana P1,300 (day tour), P1,600 (night tour). It has a papag (bed made of bamboo) inside and electric fan. I recommend this if you have babies who take naps once in a while. You can also request for a padlock but you have to deposit P200 which is refundable. Good for 8 persons.
cottages P750 (day tour), P850 (night tour). Good for 10 persons.
Loreland Farm
tree house P1,300 (day tour), P1,600 (night tour). Good for 10 persons.
Loreland farm
shades P550 (day tour), P600 (night tour). Good for 10 persons.
Loreland Farm
umbrella P300 (day tour), P350 (night tour). Good for 4 persons.
farm resort
Rest houses…Click here for the rates, capacities and amenities.

Loreland farm though has a naturally sculpted beauty. Trees are everywhere that shade most of the pools. So if you are a nature lover who wants to unwind and after a relaxing ambiance, Loreland Farm Resort is definitely the place for you, not if you are after a good swim on big swimming pools.

Other infos: Entrance Fee – Adult P150/pax
                                           Kids (3-4ft.) P110/pax
                                           Babies Free

Still, we enjoyed our day because of the great foods that each family brought. The kids enjoyed so much and that was another unforgettable day with good friends.

farm resort
6G’s with their families.
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6 replies on “Loreland Farm Resort – An Honest Review”

Thanks for d truthful review… actually, I’ve been there about 3 years ago to this date, I treated my sisters and their bf’s and bff’s to a summer outing since I’m a resident of Antipolo now. That time, there weren’t so mny people though it was a weeknd. nice right, except that almost all d food outlets and kiosks – including the convenience store were all closed, we were told that it was because there weren’t many patrons. It was a good thing that we had brought sandwiches and some light snacks, otherwise we would have gone hungry lest we buy food outside or dine at their pricey restau. Anyway. after reading your review, I’ve decided to bring my berks there for an overnight stay. their P6k per night family room, as well as their P800 per pax 2 hour spa package, is quite steep, but i hope it would be worth it. I’l be sure to post a comment again after that. God bless c”,?

Nice pics and thanx for the honest review. I got interested after learning the place is big and has many pools. So I was hoping that at least one or two were big and deep pools. But looking at the pics, you’re right, they are small pools.

Can you recommend resorts where the pools are a bigger and definitely deeper (6 feet and deeper)? I’m a skilled swimmer and want to teach my swimming kids to tread in deep water (short of going to the beach). Maraming salamat po.

I was disappointed sa resort na tu,.! Tinganggap tanggap nila ang bayad ko yun pala may naka book na na iba at yun ang prinariotize nila….kaya paalala lang mas maganda sa ibang resort na lang kayo mag stay….panget ang patakaran nila..january 1 pa imagine kauumpisa nang taon nakipag sagutan pa aq dahil lang sa chaos na work nila…ggrrrrrrr….i really hate this resort:-(

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