Maid in Manhattan

My Rating : 6/10

For this week’s theme “Living the American Dream”, I could not think of any movie other than “Maid in Manhattan”. It is a modern fairytale movie, with Jennifer Lopez as Marissa Ventura-the hardworking, intelligent and determined single Mom who works as maid in a first class hotel in Manhattan. Her only dream is a better life for her and her son but she got more than that. She also captured the heart of Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes), one of Manhattan’s most eligible bachelors.

The plot maybe too blandly generic but girls like me always fall for fairytales with happily-ever-after endings. It is not as good as Pretty Woman and Notting Hill but it is not bad either.  

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  1. nakakainlove ang movie na ito promise, thanks for the comment!

  2. oh, this is a 'cute' film, romantic, lol!

  3. true, it maybe generic but everyone loves fairy tale stories and i'm no exemption.
    great entry!
    here's my TCP entry
    i don't know if this fits this week's theme, but that's it. 😉
    have a great day!

  4. hubby and i like this movie so much, in fact this is the only J.Lo movie my hubby watches…
    i agreed, not as good as the movies you mentioned.

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