Make Driver Safety a Priority

Any business which has drivers out on the road on a regular basis needs to make driver safety a priority. Careless drivers are at risk of injuring others, racking up hundreds or even thousand dollars of damage, and destroying the credibility of your business. Anything that will help encourage and improve driver safety is a good investment.

driver safety
Here are a few tips.

1. Keep Vehicles Properly Maintained

Even a good driver may not be able to deal with a malfunctioning vehicle in time to prevent an accident. Have a regular maintenance schedule that you adhere to consistently. Check brakes, windshield wipers, tires and steering often. If any driver reports an issue with a vehicle, have it inspected as soon as possible before you send it back out on the road. Keeping up with regular maintenance may add some extra expense, but it’s far cheaper than paying for a whole new vehicle or skyrocketed insurance premiums after an accident.

2. Set and Enforce Driving Rules

Distractions can turn a good driver into a bad one, so make it a company rule that no cell phone use is allowed on the road. Depending on the scope of your company, you may be able to provide work phones to drivers on the road, letting them leave their personal cell phones behind altogether. This makes it easier to check up on drivers and ensure that they’re not using their phones behind the wheel. Make it very clear that this cell phone ban is mandatory. Enforce the rules the way you say you will, and it won’t be long before the entire company is on board with these new rules.

3. Consider a Driver Safety Program

It can be difficult to determine where exactly your drivers need to improve when you’re not out on the road with them every day. Consider implementing a program like Lytx, which uses a video recorder to track and assess driver behavior. These programs often offer real-time coaching, teaching drivers to self-monitor their behavior and change it before it results in a collision. LifeLine Ambulance co-founder Max Gorin began implementing the Lytx system in 2014, saying he anticipated an immediate change in driver behavior. Lytx and other similar driver safety systems are especially useful for large companies with more drivers than they can easily assess on an individual basis.

4. Offer Refresher Courses

Sometimes it’s just best to redo training if certain safety concerns keep popping up, like not using seat belts or driving too fast on icy roads. Reminding everyone of proper safety procedure and rules is sometimes all it takes to reduce incidents. These can be done as a rehash of all the rules every year or two, or you can have short meetings as needed to address specific issues.

5. Motivate Employees With Incentive Programs

One way to promote driver safety is by making it clear to everyone that driver safety is a priority. Create an incentive program where employees can receive bonuses for completing refresher courses on driver safety or earn raffle entries for being a safe driver every month. This not only rewards employees who are already keeping safety in mind, it encourages those who have gotten into the habit of slacking off a little bit. Keeping safety at the forefront of everyone’s minds with these programs is a great way to improve driver safety across the board.

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