Marvelous Marketing – 4 Marketing Tips From the Professionals

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Marketing; some see it as a necessary evil, others love it and some wouldn’t have a clue where to start. Marketing is a complex field dependent on enough variants to make anyone’s head spin. However, there are a few tricks that can be adapted to fit almost any business. If you’re looking to snap your fingers and have it done, employ an agency. Conversely, if you’d prefer to put in some time and be in complete control, read on to find out how to build your strategy.

Be Present.

At a basic level, you want to engage with partners and consumers so that they pay attention when you interact. This will get you started but what will keep you at the top of their list is subtlety reminding them you exist without constantly spamming them with irrelevant information. A great way to do this is by having some promotional products in your repertoire. You don’t need to fill their office with your products; something as simple as a branded mug can do the trick. All you need is a subtle reminder that you’re there for them if they need anything.

Get Social.

Interacting with your customers on a more personal level allows you to build rapport, which, in turn, creates a community around your brand. This is important because it makes people feel valued. When customers are satisfied, they are more likely to recommend your product or service to those in their circles. Another benefit to social media for your business is the mainly informal setting. This humanises your brand so instead of being viewed as just some company that wants people’s money, you can curate your story and let consumers see the message behind the branding which in turn lets them feel like they know you.

Eyes on the Prize.

Ultimately, marketing is about showing off what you offer, so it’s important to ensure that what you’re portraying is what you’re actually offering. There’s no point telling everyone you’re having a massive sale with unbelievable deals if the fine print makes it nearly impossible for customers to reap any benefits. Sure, you’re here to make money, but building trust is just as important as money in the bank. Be consistent and open with your product offering and you’ll soon be seen as a reliable operator.

Content marketing > advertising.

You know the saying saved the best for last? That’s what we’ve done here. Traditional advertising has its uses and it can still be quite effective. However, it only really helps you out when someone is specifically after your type of product or service. Content marketing, on the other hand, adds value to consumers lives and in many cases can even be considered “sharable” thus getting you higher exposure for less outlay. The value added doesn’t need to be significant, it could be as small as a bit of a laugh at a meme, it just needs to exist in a way that doesn’t jam your product down the customers throat.

Marketing is intrinsically complicated. It’s never going to be simple or easy. Do your research, establish a plan and build out your strategy slowly. Assess what works and what needs improvement and go from there, don’t try to throw everything out there at once or you’ll find yourself in the middle of a steaming mess very quickly.

These marketing tips can be easily integrated into almost any business structure. The best part is they require minimum to no financial outlay. Give them a try, find out what flows well with your business model and reap the rewards of an effective, in-house, marketing plan.

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