Mattress Toppers for Mama

It’s been a week since my mom-in-law was discharged from the hospital. She had her 3rd stroke that lead to brain ischemia. The doctor talked to us and said my MIL can’t walk and talk anymore. Poor Mama! She is motionless and responds only to stimuli like pain. She is sleeping most of the time and when she is awake, she only follows surrounding objects and voices with her eyes. We do not know until when she’ll be in that condition. All we know is we wanted her to be as comfortable as possible and now that she is bed-ridden, one of the best things we can give her are soft memory resistant mattress toppers that will support and conform to her body.

Most people ignore the importance of mattress toppers. They do not know that though it is similar to the conventional quilt, there’s a big difference when it comes to comfort. It makes the bed softer, luxuriant, give it a more relaxing feel and most of all it protects the mattress beneath which is exactly what MIL needs because she is already in adult diapers. Mattress toppers may cost us a little more but it is an amount that will be well spent because it is for someone we love so much.

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