MBA Degree Programs for Business Professionals

If you have been considering getting your Master of Business Administration, but don’t have the desire or time to sit in a classroom for hours, you may find that distance learning is the perfect solution. Online MBA degree programs have become a popular option for business professionals – more than a quarter of higher education students are now taking at least one course online. You can earn your degree by engaging in online education using a flexible, user-friendly environment.

MBA degree programs

Distance MBA degree programs are all-online programs that provide 100% of the course materials available online. When you enroll in an all-online program, you are never required to attend a campus-based classroom, which makes the courses very attractive to busy, working professionals. Earning your MBA online does not have to take long – some institutions like, offer an MBA within as few as 21 months – and, you can earn it while remaining active in your current career.

There are many positive reasons to pursue getting a degree online. It is convenient, provides flexibility, and is more affordable. Plus, an online MBA degree program allows you to study anytime, anywhere. Because there is no need to commute or quit your job, costs can also be easier to handle. However, online learning is best suited for professionals with no need for face-to-face networking opportunities. Most employers welcome online MBA degrees as much as those gained in a campus-based program.

You may be concerned about how much getting an online MBA will set you back financially, and whether or not you will be accepted. The answer to this question varies, depending on the program you apply to. Some schools, such as The University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business require a BA from an accredited institution with a GPA of at least 2.8, require official transcripts from all graduate and undergraduate institutions attended, at least two years of work experience, two letters of recommendation, and to submit two essays, among other application requirements. Most online MBA programs maintain the same rigorous acceptance standards as campus-based programs.

Online MBA degree program costs can also vary, depending on the online institution you enroll in. A higher tuition fee does not always equal a better education – some programs just charge more than others. Your employer may also provide tuition reimbursement to offset costs of pursuing your MBA online. The key is finding an online institution that offers an MBA degree program with accreditation, in order to be eligible for low-interest student loans, scholarships, and other forms of financial aid.

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