Mean Girls

My Rating 7/10

I watched this movie years ago. I forgot it’s title and searched for it because it is my entry for Tuesday Couch Potato’s theme this week “School is Fun”.

Mean Girls is a fun movie directed by Mark Waters, and has been praised as Linday Lohan’s break-out film role.It can be enjoyed throughout by adults and more by its seeming targets, the teenagers.

It is about Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) who’s been home-schooled all her life because she lived with her parents in Africa bush and knows all the rules of survival in wilderness. She was thrown into junior year of high school in United States where she was totally unprepared for. She has to learn the rules of high school, back-stabbing, boyfriend stealing, rivalry, female friend relationships.

Cady Heron’s life quickly falls apart when she meets The Plastics, Regina (Rachel McAdams) and her two “little workers” Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried) and Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert). She makes the mistake of liking Regina’s former boyfriend, the hunky Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett). As Cady spends more time with the Plastics, she too, begins to become one and survives a high school life, a jungle in itself.

The film is very funny and it hits pretty hard with its description of the modern high schools. It combines humor with something that really happens in the everyday lives of high school girls. The characters did good job by having enough timing to deliver punchlines with an effective manner.

School is really fun. Mean Girls reminded me of my high school life. Ooops, don’t get me wrong. I was not mean as these girls, just slight. lol! Share us your favorite movies at…

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  1. Ay napanood ko tong movie na to at ako eh nabubusit s amga teen agers na girl, hehehe., madali akong ma carried away sa mga movies eh, parang gusto kong sabunutan ang mga mean girls..

  2. na miss ko ang TCP. I wasn't able to post my entry on time.. next week nalang ako join..

  3. hi sis, it's been a long time since i visit here, so sorry for that, super busy kasi with my new babiesandcontests site , by the way, you have a nice layout here.

    I am hosting a blogging contest, hope you can join too.

  4. very nice review…makes me wanna see the movie

  5. hello tokaya, salamat sa visits and comments.. I just had now the chance to visit other blogs wahhhh, I missed blogging..

  6. I wouldn't call the mean-ness fun, but yes, the movie could be fun. 😉
    Please see mine here.

  7. i enjoyed watching mean girls..i'm into movies with this kind of genre:)

  8. is your list getting longer na ba mommy rossel? ako rin! thanks to you, kase di ko pa to napanood. lol! i love the theme for this week.. dami kong movies na idadagdag sa aking list. will publish a continuation of my list soon. grabeh, more than a hundred titles na! toinks!

    thanks for joining us this week dear. next week, we will feature movies that disappointed you. till then, take care and happy tcp! hugs!

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