Medical Nightmare

It was on the news that a man died again on a motorcycle accident. How sad. I do not know when these motorcycle riders are going to learn their lessons. Many were killed riding motorcycles of different kinds each month and based on statistics, motorcycle-related deaths were nearly 30 times more than drivers of other vehicles so if you are a motorcycle rider, you must be extra careful.

I know a friend who had a motorcycle accident who got comatose for weeks and had a hip replacement. He’s still lucky though that he did not undergo second hip surgery because the implant went fine. There were cases where the patients experienced severe swelling and pain several months after the hip replacement because of a defective DePuy hip implant that second hip replacement surgery became necessary. It was indeed a nightmare to suffer not just devastating physical pain but emotional as well. And so most of these patients sought the help of a lawyer expert in Depuy lawsuit to recover the amount they spent for the medical expenses on the second hip surgery, additional pain, psychological and emotional suffering and of course to compensate for their lost wages.

If you have the same experience as these patients and do not know exactly what to do, you may contact a personal injury lawyer for advice. Do not be weary in seeking the help of personal injury lawyers. They are very skilled in dealing with such cases so you’ll have the best chance of getting properly compensated for the injuries you have incurred.

But of course, it is still best to be safe all the time…take precautionary measures, drive carefully and stay away from harm.

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