Meet My Husband

Describe my one true love…hmmm…how would I describe him?

Rhonnel was a shy guy when I met him but when he became my boyfriend, he changed a lot and much more when he married me. I brought out the best in him. He is friendlier now. In fact he has more friends than I do. His 25 godchildren and his hundreds of friends in Facebook are live proofs.

He turns into a monster when he is starving. The refrigerator and cupboard should not run out of food or else you will see his wrinkles the whole day and there should be a dessert after every meal, chocolates or any sweets.

He doesn’t know how to cook. He only knows how to fry, cook rice and boil water, lol! But he is a good taster. He knows what ingredient is missing in a dish. He is a food critic. When he says delicious, it’s really delicious.

He is not ashamed to do household chores like washing the dishes, helping me with the laundry, clean the bathroom and the appliances. He doesn’t know how to iron clothes though.

He is a techy guy and very good in computer, be it software and hardware. He’s the one who introduced and taught me a lot of things about the computer and the web. But I can say I know more things about blogging than him, ehehe! At least talo ko sya dito.

He’s a big fan of World War II. He has collections of WWII pocketbooks, encyclopedias, CD’s of documentaries and CD’s of war movies.

He loves the songs of Sitti, Nina, Neocolors and Freestyle. He loves American TV series and only watches news and basketball in local channels.

He is a good provider. He works hard and trying his best to improve our lives everyday. He sees to it that we have all the things we need and want, be it necessity or not.

He is a good father and a spoiler. He is RJ’s best buddy and playmate. They always connive to surprise me and they love to tickle me. Waaah, I hate that!

He is good in surprising people. He loves to surprise me and RJ.

He is a loving husband, a good partner, a great lover. He is everything (for RJ and me).
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  1. wow sarap naman.. maalaga, responsable at mahilig magsurprise!!! weeeeeeeh. lucky wife you are rossel!!

    sori now lng nkablog hop lola mo ha.. thanks for always joining GT!! mwah mwah

  2. aww naman.. gandang descriptions naman neto ate ross.. kaya lang ngayon ko lang nakita si daddy rhonnel ng malapitan.. mukhang masarap ka nga ata talaga magluto at kakaiba ata saya sa header nung isa mong blog.. =) maganda yan at kitang kitang di natin pinapabayaan ang ating mga hubbydubs.. =)

  3. 25 God children?? ang dami nun ah…. ang bait ni hubby mo, Rossel gumagawa ng household chores..

  4. GOD is the source of all perfect Gift! Praise God for our partners..

  5. Congratulations for having a husband like him. You complement each other.

  6. ano pa ba ang masasabi ko e di swerte mo sa kanya at swerte rin sya sayo, ganun lang yun. compatible kasi kayo. sya na rin ang soulmate mo, lahat ng deskripsyon nya alam kong love na love mong ihayag.

    pahabol lang kay tita liz, ano ba orange juice ang ininom nyan, aba e bangag pala sya ha! teka nga at madalaw baka lungangi pa sa lasing sa juice na nainom.hahahahahaha…

  7. sarap naman he helps out sa mga household chores. my hubby also washes clothes when he's with us on his vacations from work. miss ko na tuloy lalo sya, not because wala kong taga-laba ha? its because i love him so much 🙂

  8. surprises! how sweet 🙂 i linked you up in my blog as Rossel.

  9. naku, pag gutom talaga mga hubby natin, nagiging monster! hehe! i love it when you wrote that you brought out the best in him. way to go mommy!

  10. naku rossel, mahilig din mag surprise husband ko. Tamang tama pala post ko ngayon, kala ko di na naman ako makakasali sa Girl talk, ayoko ko kasi topic last month puro first baka pagsimulan ng away hahaha!

  11. konte na lang sa husband yung gumagawa ng household chores.. ako wordless entry, kelangan ko separate post to describe.. 🙂

  12. hahaha! mukha ngang bangag ka sa orange juice! bakit alam mong may kapitbahay kaming laging inaaway ng hubby? di lang isa yung ha, dalawa yun. ayan lumabas tuloy pagkatsismosa ko. lol!

    madami pa nga sana akong description e kaso di ko na nilagay lahat kase baka next week pa matapos ang magbabasa.

  13. Dami namang description, hahaha, kala ko di na matatapos. Talagang kapag sa blogging, talo mo siya, pro ka na eh, hehehe..

    Kapag yata one true love, eh makikita natin lahat ng katangian di ba? at mamahalin siyempre at masasabi natin sa ating sarili na, ito ang asawa ko, meron ka ba nyan? sabay taas ng kilay at tingin sa kapitbahay mong laging inaaway ng hubby….hahaha..sorry, medyo bangag ako ngayon, na high sa orange juice..

  14. I think one page for describing our partner is not enough especially if he is a good husband. I am happy for you ross for finding the perfect guy for you. May your marriage be rosy and bright through the years. Have a wonderful day my friend.

  15. ferry'zWILL says:

    a good taster but not a good cooker.. haaha ironic un..
    Girl, maybe he wants to escape cooking/ hahaha..

    nice post

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