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Last Saturday we had our family reunion on my father’s side. I was glad to see my cousins, my Aunts and Uncles again. It has been ages since I last saw some of them, seven years to be exact. The family members are now triple because of the grandchildren. I have seen the joy on my father’s eyes because he seldom sees his siblings. All of them are old now but their resemblance is more obvious because of their Japanese eyes.

It is just sad that three of them already passed away. Two of them died because of heart attack and Ninang Fe, the eldest died because of colon cancer. My grandmother died also because of the cancer of the throat. I do not know if cancer runs in the family. I hope not. But still, we must be very careful about our health. I am thankful though that no one in the family is exposed to asbestos or else there might be a danger of having Mesothelioma cancer. Mesothelioma prognosis and its outcome depend on its severity. However, it is difficult to diagnose because the symptoms become evident only in the later stages when the cancer has spread already in the chest and organs. Just thinking of having this type of cancer is so disturbing and I am glad that none of us is going to have this. My dad and all her siblings maybe old, but they are all Mesothelioma free.

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  2. Hi Bes,

    Merry Christmas! Nice to see your dad and uncles. Where did you have your reunion?

    Hope you’re having a nice holiday season filled with happiness with your entire family.

    Take care.

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