Mistaken for Pregnant

My Dad asked me if I am pregnant. Grrr! What’s pissing me off is I am not pregnant and won’t be anymore due to health reasons and my Dad knows that. His question made me feel really bad. Does my belly bulging that much? Am I that big?

I can’t blame my Dad though for mistaken me as pregnant because I’ve gained so much weight. But asking such question is rudeness, don’t you think? A neighbor asked me the same question before and I felt like I was bright red all over because of embarrassment and anger.

Getting rid of this big belly or being slim is not my priority as I have so many important things to prioritize but maybe it’s about time to be serious in losing weight and look for weight loss pills that work or else I would hear the same question again from someone. I do not want that to happen for I might loss my temper this time.

I wouldn’t dare to ask the same hurtful question or comment about pregnancy unless I am sure that the woman is pregnant. That’s the right thing to do right, to be polite and compassionate all the time. I do not understand why it is hard for some people to do so. They should at least think twice before they open their mouths.

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  1. Naku sis, may mga tao talaga na hindi nag-iisip before saying anything. I’m petite, 5 foot tall and weigh 100 pounds. Most people here in the US think I’m too skinny. I’ve been petite ever since I was young. Nasa genes kasi namin ang pagiging maliit. Guess what? Lahat ng nakilala ko dito pinagsabihan ako na “ang payat payat mo”. Kumain ka naman para tumaba ka. Duh, I did everything but to no avail. Anyway, may mga tao talaga na very insensitive. But I’m not angry naman. I know naman kung bakit ako maliit dahil sa fast metabolism. Besides, I’m healthy and yun naman ang importante. Siguro pag sila ang sinasabihan ng “ang taba mo”, I’m sure magagalit mga yun…

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