Model Look Alike in Pink

“Are you the girl in Coca-Cola commercial”? We heard this question thrice on the day she is wearing this pink polo shirt. They were referring to the Coke TV commercial where the girl has separated parents but she is asking her father to stay because it is Christmas eve.

This photo was taken three years ago.

Are they really look alike? Well, look alike or not, hubby and I were very proud that time. It only means one thing…our little girl can be a model.

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By Rossel

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15 replies on “Model Look Alike in Pink”

cant recall the commercial… but she’s a model material though, pretty! ๐Ÿ˜‰

hi rossel,
yes weโ€™re still looking. havenโ€™t i replied back? apologies i thought i answered back.
anyway, i passed your blog already and itโ€™s still for review. i think it will take some time because there are a lot of blogs who passed theirs before you, but no worries, if the advertiser approves it, iโ€™ll be sending out your opps.
pa-wait na lang poโ€ฆ
thanks, rossel!

ay naman… why not??? of course RJ can be a model… so pretty!!! teka mapanood nga ulit ang commercial na yun… hanapin ko…

she’s a sweetie together with her lovely smile! have a great weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

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