Modern Smoking Alternatives

Long term exposure to tobacco or cigarettes results in addiction and dependence. That’s why those who are smoking for a long time can’t overcome the cravings and find it very hard to quit. When my brother was trying to quit from smoking, I have witnessed how he battled his tobacco cravings. His coughing also increased thus he barely completed tasks that require concentration. But he was really determined to quit. So with the help of candies and the whole family, he finally won the battle and got back to his normal self.

e cigarette

If there were smoking alternatives then, he wouldn’t have to undergo those hard times. No, I am not pro smoking. But I am glad that there are smoking alternatives today in the market, the e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes). It is the modern way for the smokers to deal with the stubborn cigarette. They create odd sensation and calm down the users, just like the real cigarette, but are totally harmless because it does not contain tobacco, tar and carcinogens. It does not produce carbon dioxide thus the vapor-like smoke is totally harmless. It can be smoked anywhere without harming the people around.

Now, with this modern smoking alternatives, smokers can sustain their cravings while protecting the environment, their health and their family’s health.

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3 thoughts on “Modern Smoking Alternatives

  1. A friend started using e-cigs and went back to regular habit. I don’t know what happened. But nevertheless, I’m seeing more smokers getting into this alternative so it’s a good sign.

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