Money-Saving Specials for Homeowners and Renovators

Stairs can be plain or ornately decorated with wooden, hand-carved bannisters. They can be bolstered on the side with wrought iron poles. Indital is the all-in-one maker for stair parts, wrought iron, stainless steel and aluminum for stairs, fences and much more. They also have a wide selection of powder coat and carved stair parts. Wrought iron stair railing is very popular, especially because its decorative options can give a home a Mediterranean feel or an elaborate, old-world look. With over 30,000 components at Indital’s disposal, decorators, homeowners and renovators have a world of designs to choose from in wrought iron.

wrought iron

Aluminum railing is practical and beautiful in its simplicity. The experienced sales specialists at Indital are available to lend their expertise in creating your home’s decorative look. Aluminum scrolls, bars, rosettes and panels are just a few components available for customization of your building or home.

Stainless steel handrails and anchorages are modern and quite durable. They can make a small space look bigger. Other building rails can be constructed from Indital’s galvanized tubing or powder coat elements. Be sure to look at Indital’s elegant, carved stair parts. You will find several different and unique collections for bringing your staircase into the Twenty-First Century or giving your space an antique ambiance. Be sure to take a look at their money-saving customer specials today.

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