More Love to Spread at 38

You are cleaning the comfort room and helping me with the laundry every weekend. You said it’s because I have asthma and you don’t have money for the hospitalization if ever my asthma attacks due to overtiredness. I know you were not serious when you said that. The truth is you love me so much that you don’t want something awful happen to me. I may not say this often but I love it when you’re helping me with the household chores and I really appreciate every little thing you do for me.

Last Sunday, you were helping me again with the laundry when the garbage collectors came. You stood up and I thought there was just something you need to do. But I saw you headed to the store, bought a large bottle of soda and handed it to the garbage collectors. I was about to get the camera but you prompted me not too. You said no need for your good deed to be documented. You are always like that…helping others but don’t want other people to know. Only few people know the real you…a man with a big heart who loves helping the lesser fortunate. You inspire me to be great and help others out just like what you always do.

I may sometimes tease you of your thinning hair and that you need inexpensive wigs, but you know the truth…I love you for who you are and I feel so blessed to be with you. Now that you’re 38, I know you’re going to spread more love. And as always, I will walk with you and help you leave those footprints of love.

Happy birthday, Baby!

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  1. I can smell love is in the air…keep up the fire of love always..

    Wishing you well…Visiting from Filipina Bloggers United (FBU)

  2. You’re right Rossel, Rhonnel is really one of those few people w/ a kind heart 🙂 You & RJ are so lucky to have him in your lives 🙂 Happy birthday, Rhonnel!

  3. Hi Rossel,

    Swerte ka kay hubby mo. Iilan na lang ang tulad namin sa daigdig kaya tama lang na papurihan mo. Happy bday sa kanya.

    Wala na ata ako masabi….Kasi lahat sinabi mo na……Bsta swerte ka sa kanya at swerte rin sya sayo….Ganun naman ang dapat, laging balanse…..


  4. What a beautiful tribute to your ‘Birthday Baby” Happy birthday to him. He sounds like such an amazing man!

    Visiting from voiceBoks
    Thanks, Becky Jane

  5. Christina says:

    Awww! How sweet! Your husband sounds like an awesome guy 🙂

    Visiting from voiceBoks Members to Remember

  6. Awwww!

    Your hubby belongs to the species of men that is definitely endangered! 😛

    Natawa ako sa part na teasing him about his thinning hair… I do that to my husband too! and they’re about the same age.. LOL! 😀

    Happy Birthday to your hubby sis! 🙂

  7. galing! A very nice writeup! Yan ang kuya ko!

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