Motivation and Inspiration: Keeping Employees at the Top of Their Game

Hiring the best employees is not enough to ensure the long term success of any business. They need to be motivated and inspired enough to perform at their best all the time. When motivation and inspiration are present, employees deliver more than what is expected of them. How to put your employees in this frame of mind is a question that many business owners should think about.


Some ideas on how to keep the employees’ mind set aligned with the company’s goals are:

1. Coaching Sessions – It would help a great deal for bosses and their staff to have regular sessions to discuss the challenges they face in their daily work load. While some would think that this might be an overly hands-on way of managing people, this actually empowers employees to make more prudent decisions and perform better. This could be done on a weekly or monthly basis.

2. Regular Performance Appraisal and Career Tracking – Employees need to know that they are moving forward in their careers too. Achieving professional milestones can be a good way to motivate employees to keep on aspiring and working towards their career goals. There is no need to stress that better performance towards a promotion also means better efficiency for the company. Quarterly appraisals and an annual performance review are recommended to sustain employee motivation and inspiration.

3. Employee Engagement Activities – Having fun in the workplace is one of the reasons why employees stay in a company. They look forward to each working day and continue to do their best despite the challenges they face. Not every company can have a laid back atmosphere and employee leisure facilities like that of the Google headquarters. But, smaller companies can have the regular employee facilities such as a lounge or perhaps even a small fitness gym. Aside from this, they can plan to hold fun employee activities that are done to foster camaraderie and to shake the stress off. Some of the activities that can be held to coincide with special occasions and holidays are: a Father’s Day photo contest, a Memorial Day company-wide picnic, and a Halloween trick or treating activity for the employees and their children.

In whatever activities conducted to sustain employee motivation and inspiration, it is important to keep the employees’ interest in mind too. These activities are necessary to energize them and make them feel good about belonging to such a dynamic business organization.

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