Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review

Screen capture software may not exactly be ‘new’ but it has certainly come leaps and bounds over the years. Nowadays it is fairly common, as is evident by the sheer number of ‘how to’ video guides and other similar screen capture videos that are present on YouTube as well as other streaming websites.

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As you can undoubtedly surmise from its name, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is capable of capturing video directly from your screen. But what may not be so obvious at first glance is that it is actually capable of much, much more than just that. Suffice to say the software comes with an entire studio of tools that will allow you to not only capture video from your screen but also from other devices, and then edit and enhance it until it is a professional—looking final video.

In fact, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio goes out of its way to be as comprehensive as possible and its features include:

•Fully customizable screen capture with options ranging from the capture area, frame rate, audio source, and even the ability to capture keyboard and mouse actions.
•Digitizing video from analog sources such as VHS tapes and so on.
•Capturing video from a webcam.
•Enhancing the video quality and editing it by cutting or combining video segments and getting rid of unwanted parts of your videos.
•Inserting customizable text, background music, or even special effects to jazz up your video and give it a bit of polish.

Even this is just a glimpse into what the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is capable of. As you can see however, it is clearly able to do a lot more than act as a simple video grabber. In short – regardless of whether you want to use it to record Skype calls or produce professional-looking ‘how to’ video guides, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio should have everything you need to record, edit, and polish the video to perfection.

Be sure to give it a whirl for yourself to see exactly what it is capable of. When you do, you’ll probably see that the real advantage of using the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is the fact that it is so incredibly easy to use due to its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Frankly speaking, you will probably be fluent in how to use it in a matter of minutes and from there it is up to you to decide what kind of video you want to record and create.

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