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Much I Do About Nothing – Zany Interviews of an Annulment Lawyer

I can’t help but smile while reading this book “Much I Do About Nothing”. It is about zany interviews of an annulment lawyer with spouses of Superheroes, written by Atty. Onnie Martin. I have no any intention of separating from my husband (he is the best husband a woman could ever have). I just got curious with the book so I read it.

As we all know, annulment is extremely difficult legal issue most especially in a country like ours wherein most people are still reluctant to talk about it (blame it to Maria Clara). But if you are physically, emotionally and mentally abused, PLEASE pack your bags, tag along your children and consult an annulment lawyer. I know it is easier said than done and after all what he or she has done to you and your kids, you still might want to give him/her second chance because of what we call “LOVE”. Besides he/she promised to be good this time. So there’s the second chance, you get back to him/her but after just a few days he/she is back to his/her old self…again, you are physically, mentally and emotionally abused. Maybe this time you want to consider an annulment, don’t you?

This book “Much I Do About Nothing” provides lots of information on the annulment, nullity of marriages and legal separation. I like the author’s humorous question and answer approach (imaginary interviews with a host of strange characters) to educate and help us understand the intricacies and complexities of annulment in the Philippines.


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