My Big Appetite

I cannot count how many times I promised not to eat much but I cannot help this voracious stomach of mine from growling all the time. This started since my doctor prescribed steroid as my anti-asthma medicine. The steroid increased my appetite and I find it hard to stick on a rigorous diet plan. I always want to eat more than usual. It is one of the reasons why I am having hard time losing weight. I want to reduce my calorie intake but I am always craving for sweets. I want to lessen my fat intake but barbeques and steaks are always inviting me. If only I could take lipozene to suppress this very big appetite of mine.

I want to lose weight on a healthy manner but how? I am always starving and do not have much time to exercise. How I wish I can lose thousands of calories even when sleeping and wake up one day sexier than ever.

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