My Birthday Celebrations

My birthday was a blast. I had three celebrations, a pre-celebration last June 4 with my family, then a date with hubby and RJ on the day itself and a little drinking spree with friends in the evening.

Birthday CelebrationI feel like a debutant. Lol!

Birthday Celebrantswith Nanay…

Lunch Datelunch date with hubby and RJ at Secret Recipe

Lunch Datewhile waiting for our order

I am a year older (and a bit wiser too…ehehe) and I hope to enjoy every minute of my forties. Though everything in my life did not happen as I planned them, I feel like I almost have everything. I am contented being a work-at-home Mom who fulfills tasks as a mother and wife while earning. Oh, don’t think that because I am a WAHM I have no social life. In fact I have met hundreds of people online whom a couple of dozen are now my close friends. I even received wonderful birthday gifts from friends whom I haven’t met yet in person. Amazing, is it not?

While waiting for my fabulous fifties, I have plans to fulfill such as house renovation (a long time ago plan), travel with hubby and RJ and a savings of my own. I am excited and I hope to achieve them all. It is not hard though with hard work and perseverance.

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  1. Baguio City Hotels says:

    what a nice celebration.. parang ganyan din ako pag birthday haha 2-3 celebrations, one for friends, one for family and one for hubby 🙂

  2. happy birthday! better late than never ahaha i love the balloons!

  3. Yes, that was probably one of your best birthday celebration. It’s great to count your blessings especially on your birthday as you look forward to the achievement of some short and long term goals. God has been so good to you and your family and you must thank Him for it. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. Happy Birthday! Mukhang masaya ang celebration. Ok lang kahit a year older, mas enjoyable naman ang buhay habang tumatanda and nagiging wiser nga 🙂

  5. Eric Graham says:

    Belated happy birthday to you. You surely have a wonderful birthday experience with your family and friends. May God showers you with more blessings in your life to come.

  6. happy bday ulit sayo at sana maabot mo lahat ng mga wishes mo. ayan forties na tayo, ngayon pa lang tayo nagsisimula ng buhay di ba? good luck and happy bday ulit, regards kay hubby and rj ganun na rin sa bff mo.

  7. Happy Birthday ate Rossel! Enjoy na enjoy kayo sa date nyo 🙂

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