My Favorite Bookstore is Going Green

I am pleased to know that my favorite bookstore is now taking part in saving the Earth by using recycled paper bags. I went to National Bookstore yesterday to buy something for my friends and was glad to see that almost everyone who just had their transactions carry recycled paper bags instead of plastic bags. With over 80 branches nationwide, National Bookstore is the biggest bookstore chain in the country so using recycled paper bags is a big step in saving the Earth.

Paper Bag
The message is very clear…

They still use plastic bags for heavy items though. I just hope they could find new ways soon on how to pack heavy items using sturdy yet Earth-friendly materials. Each family brings 1,000 plastic bags every year. These plastic bags will all get dumped into landfills which means more toxic wastes. So it is best to turn down plastic bags in store and use paper bags instead.

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By Rossel

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10 replies on “My Favorite Bookstore is Going Green”

Yup I just bought some office supplies last week, the problem lang unaware ako na paper bag na sila ambigat pa naman ng binili ko…naawa si cashier they gave me plastic pa din (my bad…) Lesson learned: always bring that ever reliable eco-bag….

My GM entry is also up at GM No. 7 – Trash Bin Made of Recycled Tires

Yes, I agree with your advocacy Rossel. Too long have we neglected our role in preserving our national patrimony. It will be great if we can also obey the waste segregation law of segregating our trash into biodegradable and non biodegradable ones. Thanks for the relevant post. God bless you all always.

Well done National Bookstore. Hoping for paper bags on my next visit to their store. I think the next thing they should do is minimize the length of their receipts. It’s so long even if you’re just buying a pen or an eraser.

great idea there!

late visit from Green Monday! my entries –>green beans and eye care..see you there!

nice idea indeed…pero di pa ako naka try dito sa NB Davao if paper bags na rin ba gamit nila. Anyway, was here for GM.

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