My Future Teacher

I was surprised when hubby said he wants to teach. Maybe it is in their blood because my mother-in-law is a retired teacher, but never did I imagine hubby would teach someday, not even in my dreams. Hubby is a good man, hardworking and smart but he is not patient enough to be a teacher (my opinion). Patience is not a must but I think it is an extremely helpful quality when teaching to obtain good relationships with the students. But if hubby really has the heart for this profession, then I would be more than willing to support him all the way. The only thing that forbids him to teach is he still needs to take 18 educational units. With his workloads and hectic schedule, it is impossible for him to go to university again. I am encouraging him to take online teaching degrees instead. It is great because he can choose the schedule and the niche he wants. But then he said he would think it over as he still needs to organize his schedule.

There are steps to take and lots of effort to exert before hubby can complete online teaching degrees. It may not be easy but it is definitely gratifying once he got his diploma. Will I have a teacher husband someday? Let us wait and see.

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  1. it is really true, you have to have all the patience when it comes to teaching. visiting you here! have a happy weekend!

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