My Good Offline Friends

Being snobbish is always other people’s first impression of me. But I am not snob. I am just homebody that is why I seldom go out. I know all my neighbors though and I am close to few of them. But when I became a secretary of our homeowners association, I got close to these good people who were my co-officers. We were together almost everyday because of the meetings and community activities. These are my offline friends and my “kainuman”.
 We see to it that we have this bonding once in a while even without occasion.
Taken during the blessing of our new office. We faced 
many intrigues during our term that made us to be even closer.

Turn-over ceremony. Free at last from responsibilities.

Though my being secretary for than a year added wrinkles on my forehead, I am still grateful for I met these friends who are just few steps away.

How about you, who are your offline friends? Share it with us at…

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By Rossel

Graduate of B.S. Medical Technology but landed in the field of business and writing. She has gone from being a white-collared job employee to an entrepreneur because of the world's changes and demanding needs. She is currently maintaining 4 blogs with different niches such as business and finance, parenting and family, health and beauty, and home improvement.

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2 replies on “My Good Offline Friends”

weh katuwa mga closest friends mo mga neighbors hihih. ay alam pag secretary tlga sa community nkktanda hihihi buti n lng 1yr lng then tapos n responsibility mo.. congrats sau!! hihih

bdw, Girs Talk will end on June, hope you can still join the last wave of fun. The theme is on the sidebar already.. its been nice seeing u at Girls Talk!

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