My Hiatus is Over

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After 12 long days, my hiatus is finally over. The joint between the proximal and metacarpal bone of the middle finger on my right hand (with the red mark) got swollen due to over fatigue on typing and clicking of the mouse. It was painful and I had to rest my hand for a while. I took a little long hiatus but I did not get bored though because of the activities that kept me busy. I guided RJ on the entire week of their periodical test, attended my niece’s Christening, got busy with our 11th wedding anniversary celebration and the All Saint’s Day. Now that my hand is all right and the celebrations are over, I am back to my normal activities…blogging, blog hopping and Facebook. 
For my friends who are asking and wondering why I was gone in the blogosphere for a long time, these are the reasons. I am back and will visit your sites very soon but I have to finish my pending tasks first. My phalenges for sure will be overly used again most especially my right hand but it is all right because I love what I am doing…I love blogging!
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It's quite rare to see cases like this but we must be very careful with our hands especially when we are using the computer. You may be having a bad posture when you are typing at your keyboard that is why you develop that temporary disability. Praise the Lord that you are well now. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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